Thursday, May 2, 2013

Student Solves Rocking Desk Problem with Sheet of Paper

May 2, 2013

MOOSONEE: A grade 10 student at a high school in Moosonee solved the age-old problem of an unbalanced school desk last Wednesday by using only a single sheet of lined paper. 

Feeling irritated by the slight rocking back and forth of the desk he was working on, Andrew Hunter decided to take matters into his own hands and solve this school furniture malfunction once and for all. The root of the irritating problem was that one metal leg of the classic high school desk, with a slightly beige top, was shorter than the other three.

“I have no idea how they get that way,” said Andrew, “but it sure is annoying. Any little movement causes the desk to rock from one side to the other. It makes me want to lose it!” 

He speculated that the problem could be solved by using some form of a wedge to fill in the gap between the floor and the short leg. Unfortunately, no suitable wedges were available to the student while in class. 

The real insight came when Andrew realized that he could fashion an appropriate wedge using a material he had plenty of on hand, lined paper. 

“Yeah, I just kept folding it until it was the right thickness, then I shoved it under there. Worked liked a charm. The desk was instantly solid!” 

When asked how they felt about this remarkable achievement, a fellow student commented, “Are you serious? I do that all the time.” Another student said, “Yeah, great... people have been doing that for, like, ever.” 

The innovative student is relieved to have found a solution and looks forward to writing at his desk without the incessant rocking. He said he recognises that the paper may occasionally pop out, but plans to just push it back under the leg and continue on with his work. 

It is estimated that as high as 38% of the desks in the school may have this malfunction.  

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