Sunday, September 15, 2013

Area Student Shocked at Grade Given for Assignment Cut and Pasted from Wikipedia

MOOSONEE: Becky Peraino, a grade 9 student at the local high school was shocked at the failing mark she was given for what she thought was clearly a quality research report written by a Wikipedia author. Peraino believes she did very well in the historic Canadian battle research assignment and that the teacher should reconsider the grade.

“It’s not fair!” said Peraino, “There’s a whole bunch of other students handing in really crappy research assignments that they wrote themselves and they get a better mark!”

Peraino argues that her assignment contained no spelling errors, used a high level of language, contained in-text citations to credible sources, and was written in clear, concise language. “What more could [the teacher] want?” she said.

The grade nine student also stated that she read “almost” the entire article she submitted and even glanced at a few others before making her final selection of the Wikipedia article.

“I did extra work too,” Peraino insisted. “When you cut and paste, sometimes the formatting doesn’t come out right. So I had to edit and move some text around. That’s extra work. I should even be getting bonus marks.”

Peraino’s History teacher was not receptive of the student’s arguments. “Students have to do their own work in order to pass,” stated Ms. Netherington.

Peraino isn’t sure what steps to take next in order to elevate her complaint. “I thought about writing a letter of complaint to the school board, but I couldn’t find a good one on the internet.”

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