Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Local Teacher Accused of Copyright Violation in Powerpoint Presentation

MOOSONEE: A local grade 11 student accused her teacher of blatant copyright violation last Thursday. The alleged stolen digital property was an image in a Powerpoint presentation used in a science class. After analyzing the photo of a microscope used to decorate one of the slides, Maria Kearns was able to determine the photo’s origins.

“There was a giant watermark right across the middle of the picture!” Maria told HSBN. “It said ‘iStockPhoto’ right across the centre of it!” Online photo services, as Maria went on to explain, place watermarks across preview images to indicate illegitimate usage.

“He stole it; he totally stole it - ripped them right off!” remarked Maria. “They go on and on about not plagiarizing and copying other people’s stuff. Well, what the heck is this?"

Some inside sources indicate that this alarming practice is widespread in the school system.

A grade 12 student has a theory as to which teachers are using watermarked images. “I think it mostly comes from the teachers who are newer to technology. They don’t seem to know how to steal the images without the watermarks.”

"They don’t get it," said Maria, shrugging her shoulders. “The watermark is a big sign that shouts ‘Hey everybody, I stole this! At least pick the one without the watermark.”

When asked if they feel that their education is made illegitimate because of such illegal practices, another grade 11 student commented, “Uh… I don’t really care.”

The accused teacher decline to comment.

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