Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Local Student Makes Brazen Attempt to Creep Teacher on Facebook

 MOOSONEE: A student at the local high school in Moosonee made a bold attempt to locate her teacher on Facebook yesterday in an effort to discover personal details about the staff member. Sitting at her home computer after school, the grade 11 student typed in the name of her teacher in Facebook’s search field hoping for a social-taboo jackpot. 

“I thought that I’d find crazy pictures and selfies of her doing all sorts of weird stuff,” the student told High School Breaking News, “but there were over 200 people with the same or similar name. I started browsing through the pictures, but there were so many.”

After an arduous attempt to locate her teacher in the list, the determined student made an on-the-spot decision on how to continue with her dangerous crossing of social boundaries. “I got bored of looking, so I decided I’d try again later,” the grade 11 student explained. “I mean, I don’t really care that much.” 

Though it is impossible to collect accurate data on this disturbing trend in education, many estimate that “teacher creeping” is on the rise. 

When told about the startling revelation about the student’s actions, Ms. Maria Gould, the grade 11 student’s teacher, had these remarks: “Oh, well yeah. That’s bound to happen I guess. No biggie. I don’t even have Facebook. Excuse me, though. I really need to go photocopy some stuff.” 

So far, no disciplinary action has been taken against the grade 11 student who also admitted to Googling the teacher as well, but got distracted by an advertisement for “Candy Crush.”

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